We make raising investment simple

Raising investment to grow your business can feel complex and disruptive. We make it simple – whether you’re raising £300k or £30m we can help.


Why work with us

Proven track record

Whether you raise funds from Angel Investors, Venture Capital firms, Crowdfunding or a combination of these, we have an unrivaled proven track record of success when raising investment.

Cross sector experience

It doesn’t matter if you are a cutting edge blockchain tech company, a food and drink brand or an e-commerce business, we have experience of working across a multitude of sectors and industries.

We’re part of your team

Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a team of 100 passionate employees we become part of your team, working with you to build the strongest investment proposition possible.

How does it all work?

From £300k to infinity

Taking the leap from self-funding to raising finance can feel intimidating, but often it is the only logical next step to help you grow your business. Perhaps you’ve raised investment before but don’t have the internal resource or contacts to do it again. We’ll help you understand exactly how it is all going to work. From your finances and your pitch deck to finding and pitching to investors we’ve got you covered.

We work with you to understand & review your needs

The right amount at the right time

We’ve raised millions helping businesses achieve their funding goals, so there isn’t much we don’t know about how to raise finance effectively. We’ll work with you to understand and refine your plans, and we’ll identify the best way to raise the money you need.

We develop a custom strategy for your business

All strategies aren’t created equal

There are many ways to raise finance for your business, but only one will be right for you. We’ll identify the best funding strategy for your business and guide you through it step by step.

We help you prepare and present

They’re investing in you and your business

No matter how awesome you or your business is you need a bulletproof investment proposition and the ability to sell it. Our close relationships with investors mean we know how to present investment opportunities in the best possible way. We’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd, help you prepare, coach you in how to sell your idea and give you practice in dealing with investors’ questions.

We manage the process

Uncomplicating the complex

The idea is simple – you tell people about your business and they give you their money. Job done. If only it were that easy. In practice, there is a lot of complexity to deal with – from investor questions and share structures to valuations and financial summaries. Don’t worry – we’ll handle it all.

We deliver results

Ready. Set. Go!

We’ll do everything in our power to make the process of raising investment straightforward and clear. We’ll help you to understand everything that is going on and of course we’ll make the process as engaging and un-intimidating as possible. But ultimately it’s about helping you to raise the investment you need so that you can get on with growing your business.

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About us

Raising Partners is an innovative investment consultancy which partners with businesses of all sizes to secure investment through angel networks, VCs and crowdfunding.

How we can help you

We provide a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs, start-ups or established businesses looking to raise equity investment. We work with companies to deliver a tailored level of service with our typical project timeline ranging between four and six months.

Our results

We’ve raised millions for businesses around the world. From AI shopping platforms to raw dog food, we’ve got a wealth of cross-sector experience.

Raising Partners


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