Why we started Raising Partners
Published: 23rd April 2019

Put simply, Raising Partners is here to ensure that entrepreneurs have the insight, strategy and expertise to raise the right investment for their business.

Why we started Raising Partners

The fine line between the success and failure of a business can often be thin. The fact of the matter is that most businesses are, unfortunately, unsuccessful. In the business world we have all heard the disheartening stories of those who attempt the task of fundraising without the support and expertise they need, and often, this has a devastating effect on the growth, sustainability and the ultimate success of their business.

Put simply, Raising Partners is here to ensure that entrepreneurs have the insight, strategy and expert help to make their business work. So far, Raising Partners has directed 27 fantastic raises and brought in over £25.6 million (and counting) for our diverse range of clients. Whatever your business, our expert team is here to enable all stages of an investment round, from valuations, forecasting and investment materials, right through to the execution of your funding round and beyond.

Raising Partners is a new way of looking at SMB investment. Co-Founders Helena Murphy and Duncan Di Biase both bring their wealth of experience to aid entrepreneurs and demystify the investment landscape. Helena alone has over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, so understands the process better than most. Starting her first business at 16, she began her first fund-raising at 19 whilst studying a Masters in Sustainable Development at the prestigious University of St Andrews.

While raising funds for her first business, her impressive talent was recognised by investors and was soon invited to join other portfolio companies to conduct more rounds on their behalf. With success comes attention, and by 2016, Helena began consulting and businesses continued to vie for her aptitude for investment strategy. Having sat on the other side of the table and consulted one of the Top 4 and some of the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms, Helena knows precisely how to play the game and the skills needed to win.

Co-Founder Duncan comes from a similarly impressive background. As well as being an all-around man of action (police officer/shark wrangler) Duncan has worked for international corporations and a wide range of start-ups. His knowledge of all things investment allows a keen insight into a vast array of industries, including Software, Logistics, Health and Fitness, all the way to Artificial Intelligence. Realising the potential for collaboration, the pair decided to join forces in 2017 and Raising Partners was born.

With such diverse backgrounds, the company takes a sector agnostic approach to investment and have worked with Retailers, AI powered platforms, Breweries, Medical Devices and even Music Festivals over the years. At the heart of their business is the understanding that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to raising investment and that every business, big or small, requires a nuanced understanding and specialised tactics. The uniqueness of a business can often be the reason for its success, though with this uniqueness comes a challenge.  

When considering fund-raising strategy businesses often think short-term and underestimate the time it can take to bring in the investment needed. At Raising Partners, we are fond of the mantra “it takes time”, an observation that can’t be underestimated. On average it takes 4 to 6 months to raise investment in the UK from start to money in the bank. The running of a business can be extremely taxing on a Founder and their Executives, the added stress of raising capital and worrying about near-term viability is an issue that can be eased by working with Raising Partners. 

When working with businesses we take time to find out what is genuinely best for them. This can at times even mean honestly stating ‘we don’t think raising investment is right for your business’ or ‘now isn’t the right time’ and explaining our reasons as there are many alternative routes to secure funding. This is because we understand that integrity and honesty are key, not just in terms of investment, but when building profitable relationships as a whole. 

When you’re looking at fund-raising on your own, the landscape can understandably seem confusing and perhaps unmanageable. At Raising Partners, our chief goal is to simplify that complexity down to what you need to know – and take care of the rest. If your idea or your business has the potential to succeed, then we think you deserve the support and expertise needed to bring it to life. Some businesses will raise once in their lifetime, others may be ten times or more (we have a client that has raised 57!), either way, we believe that the best way to get the most capital into your business, in a way that protects a founders shareholding  – is with us.

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