Why we created the Valuation Calculator
Published: 26th March 2019

The Raising Partners’ Valuation Calculator is a simple, user-friendly way to get a high-level estimate based on the figures that you provide.

Why we Created the Valuation Calculator

For many entrepreneurs, the road to finding an accurate valuation can be something of a minefield, especially for small to medium business owners. Finding the correct amount and type of investment to best help your business develop can be a bit confusing at first and assuming you’ve begun your research, you’ll undoubtedly know that there is no shortage of methods that claim to do the job.

We appreciate that getting an accurate picture of your companies’ value can mean the difference between success and failure and a correct valuation can not only help to inform you of expectation, but also the way in which investors see your business. All of this can have a profound impact of the kind of investment that is open to you and your ability to find it.  It’s fair to say, whichever side of the investor/entrepreneur table you’re sat at, we can all appreciate the worth of an accurate company valuation.

Here at Raising Partners, we’re extremely proud to announce we’ve created our very own Free Valuation Calculator to take some of the stress out of this process, allowing owners to get an accurate estimate of the potential valuation of their business before taking further steps – all without spending a penny!


Expensive and unreliable

Many valuation calculators can not only be extremely expensive but can also give you a completely inaccurate picture of your companies worth, hindering your ability to make the decisions that are best for your business. With Raising Partners’ Valuation Calculator, the process is simple and designed to give you a high-level estimate based on the figures that you provide. Sounds great, right? That’s because it is.

With digital automation and the use of key information, we remove the guesswork that goes into so many valuations, allowing us a powerful insight that informs the first steps on the path to investment. Without this kind of data, putting together an investment strategy that works for you is going to be difficult and whatever your budget, the insight and strategy are key.


What our Calculator provides


With our Valuation Calculator, we provide you with several ways in which to better understand your business:


Pre-Money Valuation

This powerful tool estimates the value of your company prior to raising investment, a valuable data point for any owner.


Post-Money Valuation

This gives you’re an estimate of what your company will be worth once you have raised the investment that you’re after.


Percentage of Company to Giveaway

A great way of helping to estimate the portion of your company that your investors will be purchasing in this round of investment. All this together, means that you’re one step closer to your funding raise!


When you’re a business owner looking for investment, having this proprietary information can be invaluable when going forward with investment strategy. Don’t get us wrong, the Valuation Calculator is just one part of the puzzle and with each of our clients this method is one of the four ways in which we evaluate a company.

When taking the deep-dive we don’t just look at the numbers, we also consider qualitative data such as industry, intellectual property as well as thorough competitor analysis – all the work that a computer can’t do. At Raising Partners, we think it’s best to help in any way we can, even for those who can’t afford anything beyond the basics.

If you happen to be looking for a more comprehensive valuation of your company, then Raising Partners is here to help with that too, in fact, it’s one of our specialities.

If you haven’t already, why not check out our Free Valuation Calculator below 👇🏻


Please note that this calculator has been designed to give you a high-level estimate of the value of your company based on the figures you have provided. This is only one of the four methods of valuation calculations that we use with our clients at Raising Partners and does not take into account any qualitative data such as your industry, intellectual property, experience or competition. To discuss a more accurate valuation for your company please book a call using the link above. Please also note that Raising Partners Limited does not provide legal, financial or tax advice of any kind, and nothing on this website constitutes such advice. If you have any questions with respect to legal, financial or tax matters relevant to your interactions with Raising Partners or its affiliates, you should consult a professional adviser.

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