Startups Raising Partners Love
Whilst for many Valentine’s Day represents a time to celebrate their romantic partner, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate a selection of startups that we love! A number of those listed below are clients, others we’ve admired from afar. Who are some of your favourite startups? Let us know with hashtag: #StartupsILove
Startups Raising Partners Love

Receiptbank – Receiptbank is an all-time favourite of co-founders Helena & Duncan – it’s an easy way to store receipts and capture expenses making accounting so much easier! We think that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Geronigo – Geronigo gives every adventure seeker access to over 120 distinct adventure activities, from clay pigeon shooting to sky-diving at thousands of locations across the UK and worldwide. We love using Geronigo at Raising Partners to book all of our team events! They’ve recently launched a crowdfunding campaign, see link here, which we’re very pleased to be supporting them with! 

Livia’s – The queen of sweet treats Olivia Wollenberg founded Livia’s in 2014. Born out of a desire to create treats that are better for you, Livia’s is now a multi-million pound confectionary empire disrupting the mainstream sweet category. Her treats keep our office fuelled throughout the day!

Money Dashboard Money Dashboard takes the hassle out of organising your personal finances by connecting directly into 70+ financial institutions, so you always get an accurate picture of how you’re spending. We love keeping an eye on the numbers at Raising Partners and Money Dashboard makes it so easy!

Starling Bank Starling Bank are a digital, mobile-only challenger bank. Our co-founder Duncan loves that they’ve built an online platform that truly is a bank: it offers everything a bank does, but also has great functionality and UX.

Feast It – Feast It provide a catering platform for street-food vendors. They’re a firm favourite of Client Manager Alex, who loves the simplicity but effectiveness of the marketplace. Feast It have capitalised on the street-food market in a smart, sustainable way, which is illustrated by how quickly they’ve grown. It’s fantastic to see a platform that is providing another revenue stream for exciting food brands.

CanO Water – We’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable at Raising Partners and CanO Water’s aluminium cans offer a far better option to single-use plastic water bottles. With 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, a recycled aluminium can, can be back on the shelf within 6 weeks. We love what CanO are doing and we’re looking forward to seeing them go from strength to strength. 

Don’t forget to share your favourite starts with the hashtag: #StartupsILove

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