Runway by Raising Partners launches!

14th June 2021

Runway by Raising Partners

Raising Partners are delighted to announce the launch of an education hub for entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders.

Launched in May 2021, Runway by Raising Partners is ‘the go to guide for raising investment’ and exists to empower entrepreneurs as they navigate the hurdles of raising investment.

Runway covers the core Essentials when it comes to accessing capital, dedicated tips around Crowdfunding, guides on how to Prepare to raise investment… and even what to do once you have received funding to ensure your business Grows. Plus, the Ask The Expert feature poses common questions to senior experts involved at each step across the investment journey.

The creation of Runway has been a particular passion project for Raising Partners Managing Director, Helena Murphy, having herself received poor advice when fundraising. Helena has created this platform to demystify the investment process as she experienced the risks of attempting to raise capital without the necessary knowledge and support.

“Runway is the resource I wish had existed when I first tried to raise investment almost 10 years ago. How to raise money, approach investors, what investors were really looking for and how to negotiate and close a round was all information that was veiled in mystery, making the whole process even more daunting. As a result, I was walking blind, took some really bad advice, didn’t raise the money I needed and ultimately my first business failed. It really needn’t have been that way,” comments Helena.

“Runway is about taking the experience, knowledge, lessons and learnings of Raising Partners and industry experts and sharing it in an easy to understand way so that we advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling more businesses to raise capital. Together with our network of experts we’ll lift the lid and explore the realities of raising investment so that other founders can learn from our mistakes, and benefit from our successes.”

What users can expect from Runway

Through articles, videos and webinars, readers are able to dive into content that is not readily available that will Empower, Educate and Enlighten entrepreneurs as they fundraise and grow their businesses.

Readers can subscribe to a bi-weekly email that is packed full of free useful content and actionable insight from experts and investors. Also, they are able to sign up to open forum webinars and live events where, each month, guests will be shining a light on key topics and answering direct user-submitted questions.

Finally, the Runway by Raising Partners social channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) will be packed full of highlights, tips and exclusive content.