Raising Partners Launch Office Hours for Investment Strategy Support

29th January 2021

Investment Office Hours

Applications are now open for one-on-one sessions with Raising Partners’ Investment Experts.

Navigating the world of investment can be tricky. Whether you are working out exactly how much capital you need or wondering how to get in front of investors – accessing advice from those that have been there and done it is invaluable.

Raising Partners has supported over 100 businesses on their fundraising journeys, from a variety of sectors and at all sorts of stages, ranging from those that are pre-product, all the way to companies that are profitable and scaling internationally. What we’ve learned, above all else, is that there’s never an easy route to raising investment and, regardless of whether you’ve raised capital before, you can’t overestimate the value of an effective sounding board.

And that’s why we are launching our ‘Office Hours’; quick-fire sessions with founders (or leadership teams) to talk openly about all things fundraising and to provide genuine, transparent feedback based on years of experience helping companies raise money. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know us and hear more about how we work as well as details on pitching to our angel investor syndicate.

Historically, investment advice has been held behind closed doors, whereby it’s all about who you know rather than who you are and what you’re working on. We believe that entrepreneurs and founders should be empowered to understand the options available to them, no matter how far along their entrepreneurial journey they might be, and therefore we give impartial advice, so they are able to make informed decisions.

Our Office Hours are hosted fortnightly and can be booked through our website here.

Our Mission and Vision

Founded in 2017, Raising Partners was created to bring a much needed specialism and expertise to the notoriously hard to crack investment landscape. Since then, the team has worked consciously to add value to every organisation that we come into contact with. The addition of our Office Hours helps us extend this reach and work with entrepreneurs at any stage of their investment journey.

Each entrepreneur, founder or business leader that we are able to assist moves us closer to our vision – ‘Establishing the UK as the most fertile entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world.’

We see, first-hand, the impact that quality genuine advice can have on a business, and we exist to level the playing field and empower entrepreneurs through expert guidance and education to give them clarity, confidence and conviction when it comes to raising investment.

To find out more about our story, check out our About page.