Raising Partners Hires Two Entrepreneurial Scotland Interns for Summer 2021

18th June 2021

Entrepreneurial Scotland Interns

Raising Partners are excited to announce the appointment of two Entrepreneurial Scotland interns for summer 2021.

The team at Raising Partners are this week joined by two interns Benedetta Alberti and Kienan Bruemmer from Entrepreneurial Scotland’s prestigious Saltire Scholar programme.

The Saltire Scholar paid internship programme provides entrepreneurially-minded university students in their penultimate year of study an internship in Scotland or overseas – focusing on identifying those with potential and ambition, and giving them a platform to hone their skills for future employment.

Raising Partners Managing Director Helena Murphy, herself a former Saltire Scholar and member of the Entrepreneurial Scotland community, is proud to be able to give back to the foundation and share her success and experience with future generations of entrepreneurial leaders.

Helena said: “I’m delighted that Benedetta and Kienan have joined our team for the summer at Raising Partners. As a former Saltire Scholar myself, I’ve experienced first hand the life-changing impact of the programme and it’s a privilege to be able to give back and host two paid interns this summer.”

“When you think of traditional corporate internships or work experience placements, these are often unpaid. For me, that just wasn’t an option. I would never have been able to have the internship experience I did 10 years ago had it not been paid. Unpaid internships further widen the privilege and wealth gap and deprive talented individuals of experience that sets them apart in a graduate job market simply because they cannot afford it.”

“I believe companies have a moral obligation to ensure that anyone working in their business, whether through an internship or work experience, should be paid the real living wage for their time and work and for Raising Partners it was a no-brainer that we would recruit from the Entrepreneurial Scotland programme.”

Having completed their first week with the team at Raising Partners, Benedetta shared her thoughts on the experience so far: “I am honoured and delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a fantastic team as Raising Partners, particularly with an ex-Saltire scholar, Helena Murphy. I am thrilled to have the possibility to learn more about marketing, digital events and everything that is behind an entrepreneurial idea. I look forward to gaining new skills and knowledge through hard work and dedication, as well as having a great time with the entire team and my Saltire Scholar fellow, Kienan Bruemmer.”

Kienan added: “My experience with Raising Partners has started off wonderfully: the team are incredibly grounded but still so passionate about what they do. They understand the need for what they offer in the market and the importance of levelling the playing field for entrepreneurs. I am very much looking forward to gaining further exposure to the mechanics of raising early-stage investment for businesses and working with such a dedicated group of people. I am thankful to Entrepreneurial Scotland, to Helena Murphy and to the whole team at Raising Partners for affording me this amazing opportunity.”