Raising Lead Investment as a Female Founder

30th March 2021

Female Founders Investment

To celebrate International Women’s Day earlier this year, our co-founder Helena Murphy partnered with Campaign Associate at Seedrs, Katherine Gilroy, to deliver a seminar on how female founders can raise lead investment and the topic of investment in general.

It is proven that when they do get funded female-led businesses can be highly profitable and scalable, plus female-focused products often have large consumer opportunities and ability to own market share. However, we see such a small number of female founders raising investment, for example in 2020 female-led start-ups received just 2.3% of VC funding.

Without minimising the core issues surrounding the difference in landscape that female founders are often placed in compared to male equivalents, the session focused on the positive action of how to ‘control your controllables’. Raising investment, whether you are female or male, is all about the confidence to get through the door and ultimate preparation for once you are in front of a potential investor.

Key highlights of the session:

Pique investor interest
– Challenge your investment proposition and look at your business through an ‘investor lens’.
– Think about your valuation, market opportunity and possibility for return on investment… and then think about that from the investor’s point of view!

Attract the right investors
– Transfer the vital knowledge an investor needs to have about your business via a clear and concise investor pack. This means you attract investors that are matched with the opportunity and your values.
– Deliver the narrative across a suite of documents that each serve an individual purpose – Executive Summary, Slide Deck, Financial Model and FAQs. Plus a video if you are crowdfunding.

Build momentum behind your funding round
– There isn’t one single secret that results in a successful fundraise. Everyone has to work at it and the journey is long and winding.
– Stay persistent and keep in touch with anyone who is a potential investor. Getting hold of them at the right time is largely a game of luck.
– Follow up… and follow up with value. Rather than a weekly nudge to see if they have read your proposal, share updates about your business that further demonstrate the opportunity available.

We highly recommend watching the full session, packed full of real-life scenarios and guidance, to all female founders who are thinking about raising investment. Download the full on demand webinar here.

At Raising Partners, our vision is to establish the UK as the most fertile entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world, so we work to build founders up and provide access to capital. This includes giving female-founded businesses equal opportunities when raising investment and supporting the women leading these businesses to feel comfortable within the process.

Seedrs are Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform that operates as a marketplace for investment in high growth start-ups and scale-ups. Having raised over £1.1bn to date, Seedrs have acted as a platform for over 150 female founders to source their investment across 250 campaigns.

If you are a female founder looking to raise investment and want to chat directly with an investment expert to understand further what you can keep in your control, we host bi-weekly Office Hours sessions that are open for all. Apply here to secure your slot.