Monzo Pitch Deck
2nd September 2019

Take a look at Monzo’s pitch deck from 2017

Beginning life in 2015, Monzo has attempted to modernise banking and has skyrocketed in popularity with over 2.5 million people using their signature hot coral cards.


At Raising Partners, we’ve taken a look back over Monzo’s 2017 pitch deck, highlighting its successes and shortcomings. 


So what did we think?

Overall, the structure of the deck is sound – it gets straight to the point, telling us what Monzo is and its mission. When putting together a pitch deck, it’s critical that investors know who you are and what you do right from the get go. Here Monzo have hit the nail on the head. The flow of the deck tells a story, cleverly building excitement to make the reader think “I want in on this” at the end of every page. 

The team information on slide 7 really stands out for us – the experience of Monzo’s team and the strength of their current investors is what sells this deck. Starting a bank is a huge, daunting task which comes with a lot of regulations and a lot of risk. By showcasing the experience and knowledge of the people running the show at Monzo, this slide focuses on removing the risks associated with their proposition. Ultimately, investors are investing in the team. 

What’s missing? The deck is very light on financial information. In fact, there aren’t any financials at all other than one slide on “How Monzo will Make Money”, which we would have inserted sooner in the deck. Unless you are crowdfunding and willing to provide further financial overviews and information, we’d recommend at least including your historical and forecasted P&L for the next 3 years as well as an explanation as to how you arrived at your valuation and your plan for exit and investor returns.

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Have a read and see what you think!

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