Life as a Raising Partners Intern – Benny

7th September 2021

Benny Raising Partners Intern (1)

Back in 2018, I started my university journey at the University of the West of Scotland to study Events Management. As an international student, I found myself in a completely different situation; the university structure was different from the one in my country, Italy. I was curious and hungry to discover my new life, the start of a path that would have changed and started my career.

In my third year I had the opportunity to apply to an internship program, but not just any program, the Saltire Program. A world-class internship program that prepares university students in their penultimate year of study by undertaking commercially valuable projects in Scotland and all over the world. Therefore, I was able to go through each step and finally I was lucky enough to receive an offer from Raising Partners and officially become a Saltire Scholar.

The experience of interning at Raising Partners as an investment and marketing intern is a lot more than I thought it would be, in the best way possible. I gained many skills and confidence as well.

I have learned more about different marketing tools, created a project from scratch and discovered what it is really like to be an entrepreneur and face particular challenges.

The early-stage investment environment is challenging, difficult, exciting but also rewarding. Thanks to this internship and the teaching of Helena Murphy and the rest of the Raising Partners’ team, I was able to learn the strategic side of a crowdfunding campaign and how to properly behave when facing an investment context.

Why is it important to know your business and how could you tell someone about it?
It may be taken for granted, yet many entrepreneurs struggle to understand how essential it is to know each aspect of their business and what they would like to create in the future. Raising Partners steps in here.

Raising Partners helps founders to get the best out of their business to be able to manage a successful business presentation to attract investors.

From a financial model to CAP Tables and pitching, every step of the process is crucial to founders. This must be understood in order to fully understand Raising Partners’ hard work in assisting its clients in successfully raising investment.

Nevertheless, me and my fellow saltire scholar, Kienan, were able to collaborate on a fresh project from scratch putting our abilities to work. I was able to understand all the work that there is behind Raising Partners and that helped me develop my skills and acquire much more practical knowledge.

The interesting part is, now that I am about to finish my internship, I am able to see how much knowledge I have acquired regarding the investment environment. I have attended meetings with clients or pitching sessions where I learned more about raising investment and I realised that I was able to understand if a founder was having the right attitude to start the journey of raising investment if a business could have been attracting investment, if a founder was not able to fully boost his business pitching or if something was missing.

I have been working with very talented people, and I know that thanks to the support and teaching of the team I have learned far more than I could imagine. Perhaps, if I had worked in a bigger company where interns may not get the chance to be as hands-on, I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have already.

As I’m heading into my final year of university as an undergraduate, I know that I will be able to undertake my course with a different mindset and knowledge. This internship has given me even more real-world experience than I had before. I didn’t realize how much of an impact and growth I would see within my skills and how I can use them to help in various ways.

I don’t know what the future holds yet, but I know for sure that this experience has helped me to build a good set of new skills and knowledge that will drive me forward.

Therefore, I want to thank Helena Murphy, for welcoming and valuing me since my first interview with her. Helena’s passion and commitment to her business are admirable. Her enthusiasm and professionalism toward Raising Partners are an example to take inspiration from to build a successful business and a positive work environment.

I also want to thank all the rest of the Raising Partners team: Oliver, Alex and Fernanda for being professional and at the same time super friendly and making me feel part of the group from the first week. Moreover, I want to wish good luck to Kirsty and Olivia, the new members of the team. I am sure they will be grateful to have joined such an amazing team and start their journeys at Raising Partners.

Finally, I am very grateful for everything Raising Partners has given me, not only an experience but a life lesson that I will be able to use not only to improve my professional life but my personal one as well.