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What we do

Whether you’re raising your first round of investment or you’re a more seasoned entrepreneur, our bespoke investor readiness project will give you the clarity and understanding you need in order to move forward and take your business to the next level. 

We’ll work with you on everything from fundraise forecasting and valuation analysis through to financials and your pitch deck, ensuring that you are ready to execute your round with best in class investment materials as well as a defensible and sustainable valuation. 

Investment Strategy

Our in-person strategy session is all about collecting the information we need to ensure that your investment pack fulfils its requirements and allows us to overcome any challenges that we may identify. During this session we will work with you to develop and understand your investment proposition before we go away and start working on your investment documents. 

We’ll discuss your valuation in detail, outline your investment timeline and strategy not just for this round but for future rounds as well. We’ll consider exit strategies, discuss potential investors and ensure this all comes together in a well-articulated investment proposition.

Financial and Valuation Analysis

Once we’ve met in person, we’ll provide a detailed financial and valuation analysis to ensure that you feel confident in your numbers and can defend your valuation to investors.

Investment Pack

Now that we’re all confident in your numbers and valuation, we’ll put together an investment pack that piques investor interest and engages them with your vision and business. 

We’ll ensure that your pitch deck gets to the heart of your investment proposition and our graphic designer will work with your brand guidelines to design your documents and ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Investor Meeting Prep

Finally, we’ll ensure you’re prepared for your investor meetings with pitch practice and pre-empting and preparing answers to frequently asked investor questions.

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About us

Raising Partners is an innovative investment consultancy which partners with businesses of all sizes to secure investment through angel networks, VCs and crowdfunding.

How we can help you

We provide a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs, start-ups or established businesses looking to raise equity investment. We work with companies to deliver a tailored level of service with our typical project timeline ranging between four and six months.

Our results

We’ve raised millions for businesses around the world. From AI shopping platforms to raw dog food, we’ve got a wealth of cross-sector experience.

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