End to End Investment

Add over a decade of experience in raising investment to your team overnight, significantly improving your chances of successfully securing investment.


What we do

If you’re looking for an experienced partner to support you with raising investment, from putting together all of your assets to introducing you to investors and managing the whole project then our end-to-end investment service is for you. We partner with businesses of all sizes to secure investment through angel networks, VCs and crowdfunding. We provide a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs, start-ups or established businesses looking to raise equity investment and deliver a tailored level of service with our typical project timeline ranging between four and six months. 

Review your business

We start by reviewing your funding strategy and business growth plan, assisting you with:

  • Creating your timeline to exit
  • Applying for SEIS/EIS advanced assurance if you don’t already have it
  • Assessing & setting the valuation of your business
  • Selecting the right funding route for you and your business

We build your investment pack

Creating an investment pack that stands out from the crowd is critical to your success. Investors see hundreds of pitches a week – we make sure yours piques their interest.

We work with you to create:

  • Executive Summary of your business
  • 20-30 page slide deck (summary of your business plan)
  • Full financial model for the next 3 years
  • Campaign assets e.g. pitch video
  • Water-tight answers to frequently asked investor questions
  • A stellar in-person pitch so you feel confident in face-to-face meetings

Manage your campaign

Once your investment pack is ready we work with you throughout your funding campaign to:

  • Ensure you maintain momentum throughout your funding round
  • Create and execute a marketing campaign to bring not only investors, but customers to your business
  • Monitoring and managing any online live campaigns e.g. crowdfunding
  • Introducing you to our network of investors
  • Ensuring you are choosing the right investors for you and your business

What investors say

I regularly receive updates from Raising Partners and appreciate the highly relevant introductions and deal flow. I’ve invested in two of their clients to date and the team always make the process incredibly stress free for me as an investor.

Rob Alexander
HNW Angel Investor

I don’t know another company that understands early stage investment quite as well as Raising Partners. It is clear from everything they send me that they know exactly what I’m looking for as an investor. Their investment packs strike that fine balance of engaging content and financial substance making investment decisions far easier for me.

Ian Graham
HNW Angel Investor

We’ve been introduced to our last two EIS investments through Raising Partners. Their clients are always well prepared for our questions and their financial literacy and ability to articulate their investment propositions is second to none. The most important thing however is that we have a great personal relationship with RP and we trust them!

Peter & Elizabeth Watkins
HNW Angel Investors