Introducing Raising Partners Angels Syndicate

21st April 2021

Raising Partners Angel Syndicate

Following a landmark year for Raising Partners in 2020, we are proud to announce the launch of our unique investor syndicate – Raising Partners Angels.

To date, Raising Partners has supported more than 100 companies through our core services, with fully-managed clients going on to raise over £30m of investment from an extensive network of angel investors, HNWIs, family offices and early stage investment funds.

The launch of our new syndicate is built upon this experience with members benefiting from direct access to high-quality, vetted investment opportunities, all of which have been through our rigorous fundraising processes before being put in front of a single investor.

We think this approach is unique in the ecosystem for a number of reasons.


Countless companies often fall at the first fundraising hurdle, purely because they’ve lacked the experience or the knowledge required to position their fundraise in the right way. It could be that they have set their valuation far too high or perhaps they’ve sent an investor a 50-page text-heavy business plan; whatever it may be, our experience tells us that many investors will dismiss the opportunity without a second thought.

We work closely with Founders to ensure that they don’t fall through the net when it comes to raising capital. And, crucially, for investors, they don’t miss out on those diamonds in the rough.


The most frequent question we get asked by investors is, ‘What is the leadership team like to work with?’ Naturally, most investors place the greatest weight on the calibre of the team behind the business but we believe it’s not just about calibre, it’s also about character.

Our hands-on approach means that we get to know the leadership team inside out, assessing not just their ambition but their temperament and conviction. We believe that this human touch helps us to identify the most investable teams.


We will often work with a prospective investee company for a minimum of 6-8 weeks before our angel community see the opportunity. Within that time, we look at everything from runway and valuation to market dynamics and future investment rounds. And following an investment, we stick around, acting as a fundraising advisor to the company for the foreseeable future.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our investors can focus on their investment decision safely in the knowledge that, if they do choose to invest, their investment will be monitored closely for as long as they are a shareholder.

Whilst we don’t target specific sectors, we have a deliberate focus on supporting businesses that make a significant impact on People, Processes, or the Planet and are already seeing a new influx of angel investors and HNWIs joining who understand and recognise our approach.

We believe that there are thousands of untapped opportunities out there that could fundamentally change the way we live, work and play for the better, and our aim is to ensure that they are given every possible chance of raising the capital that they need.

If you are interested in joining Raising Partners Angels, visit our page on how to ‘Become an Angel’.

Alternatively, if you are a business looking to access capital, click here to access our page about the syndicate’s Investment Criteria and Process.

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