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Raising Partners Angels Invest in Zero Petroleum

Zero Petroleum Angel Investment

Sector: CleanTech

Services: Investment strategy, Investor Readiness, Angel Investment


Zero Petroleum is dedicated to the production of “net-zero” petroleum-based products.

Zero Petroleum, the British technology company that produces net zero synthetic fuels by recycling carbon dioxide and water, approached Raising Partners in 2020 with the seed of an idea and big ambitions.

Founded by Formula One engineering legend Paddy Lowe – formerly Chief Technical Officer at Williams Racing and Executive Director of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team – Zero Petroleum were raising investment to build a pilot synthetic fuel production plant in the UK, where its processes can be rapidly scaled. Alongside Paddy, Zero Petroleum was co-founded by Professor Nilay Shah OBE, Head of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, and one of the most prominent and influential chemical engineering authorities in the world.

Using a technological process akin to photosynthesis, renewable electricity produced from the sun, wind and other natural sources is used to recycle water and carbon dioxide. The result is the production of fully synthetic, fossil-free hydrocarbons – such as petrol, diesel, jet fuel, and plastics – with zero carbon emissions and contaminants. These alternative fuels can replace fossil fuels without the need to adapt distribution infrastructure or the design of vehicles. They are also crucial for industries in which electrification is not an option, including aviation, agriculture, and industry.


Raising Partners Angels invested £200,000 in an oversubscribed seed round investment.


Oversubscribed seed investment from Raising Partner Angels

The Raising Partners team worked closely with Paddy and Nilay to help formulate the core investment strategy for the business, and supported the management of the raise through asset creation and investor readiness, ultimately leading to an investment of £200,000 from Raising Partners Angels including F1 legend, Damon Hill.

The investment will be used to bolster the engineering, sales and operations teams, and demonstrate the viability of synthetic fuels by securing more commercial partnerships.

Zero Petroleum’s ambition is to become the world leader in synthetic efuels technology and production, and this investment will help move them closer to this goal.

Also supporting Zero Petroleum is Innovate UK, which has provided a £64,000 grant for further research and development into process optimisation.


The production of their pilot plant is now underway, bolstered by a strategic partnership with a major UK institution who are also providing additional grant funding for the plant’s production.

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