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Services: Investment Strategy, Investor Readiness, Crowdfunding Campaign Management & Assets, Investor Introductions


It shouldn’t feel like a lottery every time you book a stay away.

Yet it’s impossible to choose the right stay for you, with over 5 million choices on Airbnb alone, where 95% of homes have 4.5* or more but quality varies massively in reality. So often, we are disappointed with our selection.

This was the insight that inspired founder Doron to create Plum Guide. He set out to decode the ingredients of the perfect stay and codify them into a set of criteria, designed to separate ‘The Good’ from ‘The Great’.

The result is the Plum Guide selection process. Just 3% of homes make it past the final stage: the in-person Plum Test, conducted by specialist Home Critics.

Plum Guide launched in 2016 in London, and since then they’ve expanded to over 500 destinations in 15 countries globally.



Following a $9m raise from institutional investors Beringea, Talis, Hearst & LocalGlobe (Latitude), Plum Guide were looking to crowdfund to engage their community of guests and hosts as investors as the business continues to grow post-covid.

Plum Guide came to us with an ambitious timeline and funding target and our team pulled out all of the stops to meet their project goals.








Building the power of the ‘crowd’

The Raising Partners team slotted right in to working as an extension of the Plum Guide senior leadership team on everything from investment strategy to assets, marketing and communications.

We started by writing a retail-investor focused investment deck that would engage both professional investors and the crowd in Plum Guide’s vision for the future.

We then designed and executed a comprehensive communications plan to build as much momentum throughout their pre-registration, private live and live campaigns including the content and design of social media animations, email segmentation and funnels and follow up plans.

Finally we hosted a number of digital investor events to engage high net worth investors and the wider crowd community.


Achieved 281% overfunding and raised £2,818,695 from over 1,404 investors including the largest single ticket from a Crowdcube investor in excess of £500,000.

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