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Comprehensive fundraising support

Sector: Insurtech

Services: Investment Strategy, Investor Readiness, Crowdfunding Campaign Management & Assets.


Insurtech business providing solutions that enable the Sharing Economy to thrive.

The insurance industry’s failure to adapt to the rapidly evolving needs of the sharing economy has led to significant compliance issues and vast gaps in expectations between insurance providers and customers.

Pikl’s insurance products fill these gaps in coverage all while seamlessly integrating with standard insurance policies.

Since launching in 2019, Pikl has insured over 2 million home sharing nights and has raised over £5million of investment from insurance industry leaders from Direct Line, RAC, Aviva and BUPA.


Raising Partners worked as an extension of the Pikl team.

We worked closely with the CEO and the Senior Management Team on investment strategy, communication and marketing for the campaign.

We started by writing an insurtech focused investment deck that would engage both professional investors and the crowd. We then designed and executed a comprehensive communications plan to build as much momentum throughout their pre-registration, private live and live campaigns including the content and design of social media animations, email segmentation and funnels and follow up plans.