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Sector: FinTech

Services: Investor Readiness, Crowdfunding Management


Penfold, the digital
pension that makes
saving for the future

Backed by serial FinTech investors, Penfold’s top-rated app & in-house pension infrastructure manages over £25m in savings for over 10k customers.

Penfold came to us requiring comprehensive strategic support across all areas of their crowdfunding campaign with the remit of converting as many of their customers into investors as possible.

They were raising investment to accelerate growth & launch workplace pensions.


strategy, project management
and assets

Having already engaged with a crowdfunding platform, the Penfold Team came to Raising Partners looking for comprehensive support in preparing for a campaign that had 3 key aims:

  1. To create and design a set of investment assets aimed at a crowdfunding audience that effectively demonstrated the strength of the product, the team and the size of the opportunity.
  2. To engage their 10,000 strong customer base and encourage them to become shareholders, thereby increasing customer loyalty.
  3. To help build brand awareness amongst the crowdfunding community; a captive audience of financially literate potential new users.








Over 15% of Penfold’s customer base registered their interest in the campaign. In less than 24 hours, £3.1m was raised from 760 investors for Penfold against an initial target of £1m.


Accessed funds
to accelerate

Across the various crowdfunding assets, we crafted a video script and pitch page that incorporated the key investor messages together with important marketing language designed to engage with smaller, crowd investors. Crucially, we drafted and designed a brand new investor deck that contextualised the current, outdated pensions landscape and introduced Penfold as a disruptive, next-generation pension provider that works for absolutely everyone.

We also drafted and created a range of marketing assets including social graphics and investor communications aimed at encouraging Penfold customers to invest. We advised the team on key strategic decisions related to the campaign, managing the relationship with the crowdfunding platform throughout the entire process.

And once the campaign was live, together with the Penfold team, we took the lead on all investor queries, campaign updates and back-end requirements.

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