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Pendo pitch deck

The pitch deck below demonstrates an investor presentation of Pendo and who is involved to try and achieve their mission of improving the worlds experiences with software. In their overview they explain that the digital transformation is happening and how users are demanding their software at work to behave like their software at home. Pendo use their key strengths such as targeted messaging that enable teams to to personalize a user experience based on real-time behaviour.

MetaCert pitch deck

Check out the investment deck that MetaCert used to raise $1.2 million in seed funding. MetaCert show how they have created in-app security due to the multiple problems with in-app browsing and their solution for team collaboration. Their business model is also an important segment shown. Find out more for yourself!

How To Raise £700,000 In Equity Crowdfunding

If you are a business owner, you will know first hand that one of the most important things (and arguably one of the hardest) about running your business will be financing it. Whether it is raising money from friends and family, getting a loan from the bank or taking private investment from VCs. Cash is king and if you don’t have cash in your business before too long you won’t have a business.

How To Raise Venture Capital Funding

As much as I would love there to be, over the last few years I have learnt that there isn’t a one size fits all, yellow brick road to success for raising any kind of funding for your business. Every raise, just like every pitch, every business and every team, is different.

SEIS & EIS Explained

At Raising Partners we thought we would clear a few things up around SEIS & EIS tax relief and why both are so important to your fundraising process.

How To Attract Investors

How To Attract Investors Published: 18th October 2018 Lessons From Tim Jackson How To Attract Investors Recently Raising Partners were at a dinner with Tim Jackson investor, entrepreneur, writer and founder of Lean Investments. Usually making investments of between...

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