20 UK investors that are (still) investing
In light of COVID-19, we're sharing 20 UK investors that are still investing and what they're looking for.
20 UK investors that are (still) investing

Along with preserving cash, retaining employees and maintaining sales where possible, the question regarding whether investors are still investing in light of the current pandemic is frequently passing the lips of founders. 

We’re in touch with investors daily, and whilst it’s reassuring for us to hear that there is still very much an appetite for early-stage investment opportunities in the UK at the moment, we know it’s important for founders to get that insight too. 

Last week we shared an open source google document on investor appetite on LinkedIn, asking them to share their status on whether they were investing or not – even from a quick glance, it’s reassuring to see how many say yes! Over 300 investors have shared their status via the online document, many of whom we have close professional relationships with at Raising Partners. 

Below we’ve summarised 20 UK investors still investing from this dataset.

Key takeaways from the overall list:

  • Almost all of the investors that contributed are still investing. One of the funds states they’re not actively investing, but explains that this is only because they mainly invest in companies taking part in their Accelerator programme. Others admit to concentrating more on their current portfolio, slowing down or being more strategic. The vast majority of funds featured say that they are ‘absolutely’ still investing.
  • Be bold – funds mention they want to hear from ‘ambitious’, ‘innovative’ or ‘creative’ founders. Similarly, Beringea, who invest in startups across Europe, say they simply want to meet great founders with good businesses that have good business models.
  • Now is a great time for early-stage startups – Episode Ventures 1 share that for them ‘now is a great time to invest in seed stage companies’, as teams can knuckle down and build tech. Whilst selling may be difficult for some over the coming months we’ve seen many buck this trend. Covid has no effect on the ability to build tech.


Fund Still investing? Typical amount invested Link for sending pitch Sectors they invest in / additional information

7percent Ventures


Yes, actively investing £200-£400k first check website http://7pc.co/contact-us/ Deep/frontier technology, transformative technology – ambitious founders
Ada Ventures  


Yes – we’ve just closed a £27m fund. We’re adapting to changing circumstances each day but still actively looking for companies to invest in


£250k-£1m Website form & email – www.adaventures.com We are actively looking to invest in overlooked founders and markets. Please see details in our thesis blog post (https://medium.com/@checkwarner/ada-ventures-thesis-2beec5cc32ca)
Ascension Ventures Yes £100k-£250k www.ascensionventures.com at the moment, we are investing from 3 funds: a) SEIS Fund; b) https://fairbydesign.com/fair-by-design-fund; c) and our newest fund tackling childhood obesity
Cambridge Innovation Capital Yes £1-10m https://www.cic.vc/ CIC is focused on investment in the Cambridge, UK ecosystem. All our investments have a physical presence in Cambridge and/or a relationship with the University of Cambridge
Downing Ventures Yes. We’ve got funds to deploy and are actively looking for new deals at late seed & series A in the UK £500k-£5m  

They advise getting in touch via email, but warm intros help but they do also look at (and invest in) cold approaches – https://downing.co.uk/ventures/

Edge Investments Yes £1-5m www.edge.uk.com They invest in anything connected to creativity and any enabling technology

Episode 1 Ventures


Yes, though our bar is higher due to the uncertainty £250k-2m  

They advise emailing any of us firstname@episode1.com / https://www.episode1.com/


We focus on b2b software driven companies. Now is a great time to invest in seed stage companies with a lot of tech to build. Making new sales will be hard (but not impossible) for a few months. Covid has no effect on ability to build tech.


Forward Partners


Yes. We’re still looking for new and exciting startups to invest & working hard to support our current portfolio


Investing in Seed, early stage




Applied AI, eComm and Marketplaces please

IQ Capital  

Yes (our $175m Fund3 is 18 month old and looking to make 10+ new investments)


£500k-5M www.iqcapital.vc IQ Capital invests in UK early stage ‘deep-tech’ across sectors including machine learning, AI, robotics, and advanced engineering and materials, and data-focused propositions based on disruptive algorithms
Longwall Ventures  

Yes, we are investing a £75m fund that is just over two years in.

We have a growing portfolio but are looking for a few more companies to fill it out

up to £2m first investment, typically £5m over several rounds contact@longwallventures.com / https://www.longwallventures.com/about/ We invest in innovative start up and early stage businesses in the healthcare, science and engineering sectors. See https://www.longwallventures.com/about/
Martlet Capita Yes, however, our primary focus is on our existing portfolio so lead times are extended Upwards of £150K contactus@martletcap.com / https://martletcap.com/contact/ We are an early-stage investor based in Cambridge, providing patient capital to deep technology and life science startups with high growth potential. We seek to support entrepreneurs with value beyond capital. We have experience of helping companies scale from first-round through to exit
MMC Ventures  


Yes, we are still investing from two funds.

In March we completed 3 deals and about to complete 3 more.


£50k-£5m www.mmcventures.com  

We invest out of two funds, starting at the early seed stages and continuing through Series A and beyond. The MMC Greater London Fund, in partnership with the Mayor of London, supports founders as they start their business and develop towards product-market fit. The MMC EIS Fund invests up to £5 million at Series A and has the firepower to back companies over a number of years

Pembroke VCT Yes, we are actively closing a deal and looking for investment opportunities & working hard to support our current portfolio £1m-£3m https://www.pembrokevct.com/
Pentech Ventures  

Yes – it is likely to take longer to get to decisions as building relationships with Founding Teams is key.

We are actively investing our £90m Fund III

£500k-£2.5m in rounds up to £5m www.pentechvc.com  


We focus on category defining software opportunities – with more affinity for B2B Enterprise type companies.

We back smart Teams and everything we invest in has a clear market creation potential/narrative, with strong technical differentiation and usually some elegant Data and/or ML moats


Praetura Ventures Yes we are always looking to back great founders and scalable companies £1m-£3m https://www.praeturaventures.com/ We invest UK companies that qualify for EIS tax relief
QVentures Yes  

£100k for fund / £100k – £2m for investor network


Yes! Please send to: https://qventures.typeform.com/to/zZPOWf / www.qventures.co

QVentures invests in UK Consumer Tech, Enterprise and Marketplace startups
RLC Ventures  

Yes we are. Actively closing deals currently, and looking for investment opportunities at the moment.


£100k info@rlc.ventures or through their website We invest only in Software across AI, Enterprise, Fintech and Gaming

The Angel CoFund


Yes, please contact via the website £250k to £750k (in rounds of £300k to £5M) info@angelcofund.co.uk We work alongside sophisticated angel investors to back high growth companies across all sectors.

Venture Founders


Yes. Completed 8 funding rounds in the last 8 weeks. £250k – £2m info@venturefounders.co.uk / https://venturefounders.co.uk Focus on post Series A FinTech and B2B SaaS
Venturian Investments  

Yes – having to give focus to existing portfolio but want to support new investments which perhaps need help quickly.

Expect sensible conversation on valuation and level of assistance both of which should take account of the impact of Covid-19

£50k-£500k email info@venturian.uk or first name@venturian.uk and direct to the contact named here here to support businesses in most sectors. Here to help those that a few weeks ago had solid businesses and perhaps funding lined up but have since been affected by Covid. As well as cash we are hands on day to day and our in-house team of lawyers and accountants will get involved and help with all aspects of getting through this difficult time


If you’re looking to raise investment in the coming months, why not join us for our online Funding Summit on the 28th of April? You’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the UK’s top investors, funding experts and entrepreneurs and significantly increase your chances of raising investment. 

Find out more here.

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